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Dog Bites

Texas has become more stringent about increasing jail time for dog owners who are lax about reasonably securing their dogs. While these new laws do well to punish the wrongdoers – the dog owners – dog bite victims must help themselves to become whole. Here at Clear Lake Lawyers, we stand ready to come to your aid.

Our dog bite lawyers come from diverse professional backgrounds, and those backgrounds bring a more well-rounded approach to our case management. Our attorneys take a team approach, meaning each attorney is well-versed in your case and can offer insight and perspective. For example, Stacy Valdez is a former nurse, and with that background she is able to bring years of medical experience to dog bite cases. Ms. Valdez can review medical files with a trained eye. She can work to come up with a plan of action for negotiating a settlement. If settlement talks fail to bring about a desired result, Ms. Valdez is ready to enter the courtroom and advocate to make you whole again.

If you have suffered from a dog bite, you could be able to recover your costs for your medical bills, plus be awarded damages for your pain and suffering. We can even determine if you may be able to receive recompense for lost income and loss of earning capacity. You were not to blame for your injury, you should not have to bear the costs alone.

Texas law requires that a dog owner has a duty to attempt to stop his dog from attacking once the attack has begun. If the dog owner fails to act, they could be liable for damages. If you have been bitten by a dog, it is important to seek medical care immediately. It is also important to seek advice about whether or not you would be compensated for your losses. Our dedicated legal team will listen to the facts of your case and determine what your options are. We will interview witnesses, review medical reports with a practiced eye, and go toe-to-toe with insurance companies to make sure your claims are resolved.

You've already been injured once. You shouldn't have to suffer alone. A dog bite can cause lasting damage and you should not bear the brunt of the cost. Located in Webster, Texas, we invite you to contact our dog bite lawyers so that we can discuss your options.