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Child Custody

Your relationship with your children is of paramount importance to you. At Clear Lake Lawyers, we understand that, and know that you want someone there to help you make sure that your relationship with your children continues to be secure even during a divorce or paternity action. Our Clear Lake child custody attorneys know how to advocate for you and assert your parental rights so that the best interests of your children are served.

In Texas, a judge will determine the best interests of the children when rendering a decision in a family court case. These best interests are not the preferences, resentments or conveniences of the parents, but take into account what will help the children continue to live in a stable environment. Clear Lake Lawyers take into account every aspect of your situation, and get to know you and your unique set of circumstances so that we can advocate for your children. We will explain to you the factors that the judge will probably use to determine his decision and work to make sure that your children's needs are met.

Texas law presumes that children need significant relationships with both parents. However, the courts understand that it is not always the case that both parents are ready and able to live up to their responsibilities. There are cases where mental illness, drug use or alcohol abuse are factors in a family and affect parental relationships. Our attorneys advocate forcefully so that the entire case is presented to the court and your position is presented in the best, fullest light.

Clear Lake child custody attorneys have experience on both sides of high-conflict child custody cases. We represent parties who have sound reasons for restricting the other parent's access to their children. We also represent parties who need to convince the court that they have made significant progress on past issues that have called their parenting abilities into question. Because we have such a wide breadth of experience, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you present your case in the best terms possible.

Clear Lake Child Custody Attorneys

At Clear Lake Lawyers, we understand that a law firm is only as successful as the clients it serves. With a team approach to each case, the Clear Lake child custody attorneys at Clear Lake Lawyers work to make sure your needs are met and that you are satisfied with your representation. Whether your child custody issue is about a temporary visitation order or negotiating relocations, Clear Lake Lawyers are here to make sure that your children's best interests are served. We are ready and willing to advise and advocate in negotiations or in court. Contact our office so that we can determine what your next step should be.