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Clear Lake Family Lawyer

Your family is your life. When legal issues affect you and your family, you want a smart, aggressive lawyer who is part of a dedicated law firm in your corner representing you and your needs. Stacey Valdez is that attorney, and Clear Lake Lawyers is that law firm. Our certified family lawyer, Houston and Clear Lake based, provides passionate service during one of the hardest times in your life.

Ms. Valdez makes sure she is in the best position to ensure that your needs are satisfied. She stays on top of the latest Family Law decisions and nuances in the legal system. Ms. Valdez is an aggressive attorney, but knows how to work with others to ensure the best outcome for her clients. She does this so well that her colleagues give her glowing references. Ms. Valdez is so good at what she does that she is one of only 1% of all Family Law attorneys to be Board Certified.

Ms. Valdez is a tough, experienced and fierce advocate. She has spent her career making sure people are taken care of, whether it was as a nurse or in her own home life as a mother, or as an aggressive advocate in the courtroom for her Family Law clients. At Clear Lake Lawyers, our primary focus is on our clients, because we understand that they are going through the most difficult circumstances in their lives. When a client comes to us, we know that they need not only legal help, but also answers to questions about what are the right next steps to take. We are a full service law firm and have years of experience in the courtroom and in negotiations in Family Law cases.

Family Lawyer Houston and Clear Lake, TX

At Clear Lake Lawyers, we understand that a law firm is only as successful as the clients its serves. With a team approach to each case, the family lawyers at Clear Lake Lawyers work to make sure your needs are met and that you are satisfied with your representation. Contact us for all of your Family Law needs.


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