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Clear Lake City Drug Possession Attorney

Drug charges vary in degree and kind. At Clear Lake Lawyers, our Houston attorney for drug charges advises and represents people facing every type of drug charge, from possession to distribution to conspiracy to prescription fraud. We take a team management approach to our client services. This means that you will have the knowledge and experience of the entire firm working on bringing your case to a satisfactory resolution.

When you've been charged with a crime, it is not your responsibility to show that you are innocent. It is the government's responsibility to show that you are guilty of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the basic fact of criminal law. Our experience allows us to make accurate evaluations about the strength of the prosecution's case. When it's weak from the start, we can work toward dismissal of the charges or victory at trial. If the evidence against you is strong, then we help you reach the most favorable plea deal possible under the circumstances.

You want an attorney who has an excellent understanding of criminal law. Our attorneys at Clear Lake Lawyers will be able to give you a good sense of what your risks are and what a reasonable outcome could be. It is ultimately your decision on whether you want to accept a plea offer or if you want to take your case to trial. If your case goes to trial, we will make sure that the government has to work to prove its case. Our trial attorneys are especially skilled in identifying weaknesses in the prosecution's case and exposing those weaknesses during the cross-examination of government witnesses.

At Clear Lake Lawyers, our attorneys work with people facing such drug crime charges as the following:

  • Misdemeanor or felony drug possession charges
  • Drug trafficking or distribution charges
  • Cases involving marijuana, cocaine or other controlled substances
  • Unauthorized possession or sale of painkillers or other prescription medications
  • State or federal drug conspiracy charges
  • Money laundering charges
  • Juvenile drug cases
  • Civil forfeiture cases related to drug investigations or seizures

If you contact our office during the grand jury phase of a state or federal investigation, our lawyers will work toward protecting you from ever having to face the most serious potential drug crime charge. In a criminal case, the sooner you obtain an experienced, aggressive attorney, the better the chance you will have for obtaining a positive outcome.

At Clear Lake Lawyers, our team management approach to our cases means that you will have the weight of the entire firm on your side, fighting for you. Our Clear Lake and Houston attorney for drug charges represents people facing every type of drug charge. Contact us in order to explore your criminal defense options.