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What Happens to My Boat i…

What Happens to My Boat in a Texas Divorce?

Division of property in a Texas divorce case requires both spouses to account for everything they own. They must then determine whether anything can be characterized as “separate property.” Under Texas law, anything that is not separate property… Read More
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Categories: Property Division
How to Divide a Military…

How to Divide a Military Pension in a Texas Divorce

In a Texas divorce case, the parties must account for all of the community assets and figure out how to divide them. If they cannot agree on property division, they may have to submit to mediation, arbitration, or trial. One of the biggest challenges… Read More
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Dividing NASA Retirement…

Dividing NASA Retirement Benefits in a Divorce

Whenever an astronaut speaks to “Houston,” they are talking to someone in Clear Lake. This area acquired the nickname “Space City” more than fifty years ago, and NASA remains one of the area’s biggest employers. About three thousand civilia… Read More
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I Quit Note Isolated on white

Quitting to Avoid Child Support...Another Silly Idea

My ex quit his job and now says he doesn’t owe child support. That can’t be right, can it? Generally speaking, a child support obligor must pay 20% of his or her monthly net resources to the child support obligee for one child and 5% more for eac… Read More
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Categories: Child Support

Hacking your spouse’s email and other bad ideas

As smart phones become ubiquitous and everyone is on social media, texts messages and status updates have found their way into court and are often damning for the sender or poster. But though it may be tempting for some distrustful spouses to sneak a… Read More
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Categories: Adultery

What the Heck is an Amicus???

In some cases involving children and custody rights, the court may appoint an amicus attorney to represent the best interests of the children. Tex. Fam. Code§ 107.001(1). But what is an amicus attorney? When are they appointed? What do they do? How… Read More
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Marital Property: Community vs. Separate

What is the difference between separate and community property? In dividing property between spouses in a divorce, the court must categorize all property as either separate or community. Separate property goes to the owner and community property is d… Read More
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My ex won’t pay child support. Now what?

My ex won’t pay child support. Now what? A child support order may be only half the battle. When a parent ordered to pay child support just won’t pay up, a child support obligee has a few legal tools he or she can use to try to persuade a stingy… Read More
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Categories: Child Support

Can a Mediated Settlement Agreement be set aside for Duress?

A rabbi in New Jersey was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for his role in a conspiracy to kidnap and beat husbands who didn’t agree to a religious divorce. See Barbara Boyer Rabbi gets 10 years for arranging divorces with beatings, The Philadel… Read More
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What duty do I owe the spouse I am divorcing?

What is a fiduciary duty and do I owe one to my soon-to-be-ex-spouse? Generally speaking, a fiduciary is one who owes another a duty of integrity and fidelity, such as a lawyer to her client. See generally Lee v. Hasson, 286 S.W.3d 1 (Tex. App.—Hou… Read More
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