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What Is a Custodial Parent?

In any Texas divorce that involves minor children, a court cannot grant a final decree of divorce until the judge is satisfied that all of the provisions affecting the children are in the children’s best interest. The divorce decree must address ea… Read More
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Child Custody and Child Support in Texas During the Coronavirus

The global coronavirus pandemic has thrown much of people’s daily lives into disarray throughout Texas, across the nation, and all over the world. After officials at all levels of government issued declarations of emergency in March, many Texas cit… Read More
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What Is the Impact of a Hurricane on a Child Custody Plan in Texas?

Child custody and visitation is one of the most difficult issues in any Texas divorce. Even if the spouses have not been fighting over much of anything, disagreements over the children can turn a peaceful divorce case unpleasant quite quickly. Texas… Read More
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What Can Be Done When My Child is Being Bullied.

What can be done when my child is being bullied? Parents expect schools to be safe places for their children to learn, grow, and hopefully enjoy themselves and make friends. Yet sometimes, for some children, school becomes nightmarish when they becom… Read More
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Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor- Are You Responsible for Your Child's Bad Acts?

Part of the purpose of the Juvenile Justice Code is to “emphasize the accountability and responsibility of both the parent and the child for the child’s conduct.” Tex. Fam. Code § 51.01(2)(C). A parent is per se liable for his or her child’s… Read More
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When Does Spanking Become Child Abuse?

When Does Spanking Become Child Abuse? Across the world, 43 countries have enacted legislation making corporal punishment of one’s child illegal.[1] But in the US, spanking is still legal in all states.[2] In Texas, physical abuse is defined as “… Read More
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