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What the Heck is an Amicus???

In some cases involving children and custody rights, the court may appoint an amicus attorney to represent the best interests of the children. Tex. Fam. Code§ 107.001(1). But what is an amicus attorney? When are they appointed? What do they do? How… Read More
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International Child Abduction

A short look at laws in place to prevent international child abduction Since 1999, the courts of the United States have received more applications based on the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction than any other contracting country. See… Read More
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Parental Termination due to Incarceration

Watching last season of Netflix’s series Orange is the New Black, I was relieved when inmate Maria Ruiz’s transfer was canceled, meaning her young daughter would still be able to visit her with the baby’s father. But in the first episode of the… Read More
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Parental Alienation--Child Abuse?

Perhaps ironically, tabloids and magazines have been talking and speculating about the private life of Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford and her lengthy custody battle. To make a long story short, the actress divorced her husband, who was then dep… Read More
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When Parent's Disagree on Medical Decisions...

The Texas legislature has recognized parents’ right to consent to their children’s medical and surgical treatments. Tex. Fam. Code § 151.001(6). See also id. at § 153.132(2) (giving a parent sole managing conservator the exclusive right to cons… Read More
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You, Me, and Artificial Insemination Makes 3---Does Sperm Donation Make Me a "Baby-Daddy"?

You and Me and Artificial Insemination Makes Three—when providing sperm gives paternal rights Recently in Virginia, the Court of Appeals upheld a father’s right to have custody and visitation with his child. Bruce v. Boardwin, No. 1250-14-3 (Va.… Read More
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When Kids Don't Want to be Kids Anymore: Texas Law on Emancipation

Under the Family Code, when a child turns 18, the child becomes an adult. In addition to being able to legally buy porn and cigarettes, a child’s 18th birthday has implications for everything from child support to criminal law. Many performers or a… Read More
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When Does Spanking Become Child Abuse?

When Does Spanking Become Child Abuse? Across the world, 43 countries have enacted legislation making corporal punishment of one’s child illegal.[1] But in the US, spanking is still legal in all states.[2] In Texas, physical abuse is defined as “… Read More
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